At The Financial Times: Civil Servants & ‘Mandarins’ take the measure of Teresa May. Political Cynic opines

Headline: Civil servants lament Theresa May’s ‘wasted year’ over Brexit

Sub-headline: Mandarins accuse No 10 of stifling policy debates and alienating EU partners

Who are the ‘Mandarins’ that take center stage  in this ‘news story’ by George Parker and James Blitz:

Senior officials, Current and former senior civil servants, They say, John Kerr, a crossbench peer and former head of the Foreign Office, Nicholas Macpherson, a crossbench peer, Philip Hammond, the chancellor, some government insiders, one senior official, the official added., Another leading Whitehall figure, Whitehall insiders, Ministers point, Some civil servants, one senior Whitehall figure., Downing Street officials, David Jones, who was a junior minister, A Number 10 spokesman said, Allies point, Officials, 100 civil servants, one veteran civil servant, Lord Macpherson.

Except for speaking parts by John Kerr, Nicholas Macpherson and David Jones, the remainder of this polemic against Theresa May is defined by anonymous comments, as I have noted in the above paragraph. Here at The Financial Times the Cult of The Iron Lady is received wisdom. Mrs. Thatcher could not resist the temptation to best even her closest male allies in debate, she was perpetually confrontational, even bellicose, to both friend and foe.  The reader need only look how Mrs. May handled her visit to the Grenfell Tower in which see met with officials and not with the victims: she is a ‘control freak’ but of a decidedly different kind than Mrs. Thatcher. 

How blatantly obvious is it that all of Mrs. May’s critics are men, including the ‘reporters’? Mrs. May is being treated as Jeremy Corbyn was treated in the pages of this newspaper, culminating in the manufactured charge of his fostering Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Don’t forget the invaluable assistance rendered by Jonathan Freedland in the pages of The Guardian, as defender of the utterly unscrupulous Blairite faction, defending itself against the predations of the Populist Hoard.

As argued by the quoted actual and anonymous sources compiled by its ‘reporters’ Mrs. May’s approach to the Brexit expresses incompetence : if true what political action can the members of the Party adopt to take a more ‘realistic negotiating position’ ? Or is the raison d’être of this polemic all about the first steps in a campaign to remove Mrs May from office?

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