Andrew Sullivan as ‘Andy Divine’: Episode MMMIII, The Trump Constitutional Crisis and other matters of import. Queer Atheist comments

On the Sullivan menu this Friday is the Trump Political/Constitutional Catastrophe, The Heroism of John McCain, and the Mendacity of Left Wing KPFA. America’s Adopted Drama Queen is at full screech in his comments on the Trump Nihilism, reminding this reader of his equally hysterical commentaries on 9/11, and the pressing necessity of waging the War on Iraq , as an obedient, yet an unattractively slavering Neo-Con!

John McCain as a political force for good died as the ‘Straight Talk Express’ stalled and was abandoned. Yet he was treated as some kind of returning hero! Welcomed by a class of politicians that were the midwives of Trump and Trumpism, by way of the New Democrats, and Republican Party awash in Neo-Confederate nostalgia in the rise of the Tea Party Nihilists. Like Mr. Sullivan, the US Senate is desperate as the political/moral legitimacy of the American National Security State experiences a precipitate de-evolution: the remains of the Republic are hermetically sealed at the National Archives.

Would Andy Divine’s weekly Encyclical be complete without the obligatory expression of contempt, some might call it defamation of the ‘Left’, which is equal to the radio station  KPFA ? ‘Progressive’  KPFA dis-invited Dawkins over his comments on Islam. Mr. Dawkins comes in for the charge of both Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

But this paragraph demonstrates that Sullivan is not just myopic on the question the ‘Left’ but on the question of race, demonstrated with a stunning clarity in his continuing admiration, not to speak of his boosterism for the utterly discredited Conservative Sociology of ‘The Bell Curve‘.

I fear that the truth is Islam has become an untouchable shibboleth for some on the left. What they lacerate in other religions, they refuse to mention in Islam. Sexism, homophobia, the death penalty for apostasy … all of this is to be rationalized if the alternative is Islamophobia. Why, one wonders? Is it because Muslims are a small minority? But the same could be said for Jews. My best guess is simply that, for the far left, anything that is predominantly “of color” is preferable to anything, like Judaism and Christianity, that can usually be described as “white.” That’s how “intersectionality” can be used to defend what would otherwise be indefensible. The preoccupation with race on the far left is now so deep, in other words, it’s becoming simply an inversion of that on the far right.

One wonders at the fact that the Catholic Church is guilty, and even unapologetic, about its  sexism, misogyny and homophobia! Not to speak of its long history of pedophilia, practiced by priests who became Princes of Mother Church, who by US civil law were mandated reporters on the welfare of children in their care. Hypocrisy thy name is Andrew Sullivan!

Queer Atheist


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