Edward Luce’s near paranoid ramble on Trump and ‘The rot inside America’s first family’, a comment by Political Observer

Mr. Luce’s latest essay reads as it were authored by the Clinton Wing of the New Democrats, so awash in paranoid speculation on the Evil Trump. Mr. Luce simply embroiders on the themes first enunciated by Mrs. Clinton and her coterie of political hacks. In sum, the myth of Hillary as Victim of Conspirators: Putin, Comey and Assange.   Is it a surprise that ‘The Donald’ is crook of the first order? And who better to rely on than the members of your immediate and extended family?  Isn’t that one of lynch pins of Mario Puzo’s and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. Trump is in large part a pop culture phenomenon, that morphed into a political one. Trump is like the Vulture Capitalists Paul Singer and Mitt Romney, without the bourgeois political respectability: Trump is the P.T. Barnum of the political present.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was head of the FBI from September 4, 2001 – September 4, 2013, and his inexcusable incompetence in the matter of Anthrax Attack of 2001 brings into sharp focus Mr. Mueller’s lack of investigative competence, in this portion of the Wikipedia entry, that highlights the National Academy of Sciences’ dissent on the FBI findings in the case.

In 2008, the FBI requested a review of the scientific methods used in their investigation from the National Academy of Sciences, which released their findings in the 2011 report Review of the Scientific Approaches Used During the FBI’s Investigation of the 2001 Anthrax Letters.[8] The report cast doubt on the U.S. government’s conclusion that Ivins was the perpetrator, finding that although the type of anthrax used in the letters was correctly identified as the Ames strain of the bacterium, there was insufficient scientific evidence for the FBI’s assertion that it originated from Ivins’s laboratory. The FBI responded by pointing out that the review panel asserted that it would not be possible to reach a definite conclusion based on science alone, and said that a combination of factors led the FBI to conclude that Ivins had been the perpetrator.[9] Some information about the case related to Ivins’s mental problems is still under seal.[10][11] Lawsuits filed by the widow of the first anthrax victim Bob Stevens were settled by the government for $2.5 million with no admission of liability. According to a statement in the settlement agreement, the settlement was reached solely for the purpose of “avoiding the expenses and risks of further litigations”.[12]


To rely on Mueller as Special Prosecutor is the most questionable of wagers. Mr. Luce’s essay is, at best, highly garnished speculative chatter awash in the current political hysteria.

Political Observer


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