Arianna Huffington saves Uber, in the pages of The Financial Times! Political Observer comments

One Neo-Liberal Grifter replaced by a more seasoned veteran, at running the con ! Or should they both be called ‘Creative Disruptors’, in Financial Times speak? Uber is not a ‘Internet Service’ but a taxi service, that seeks to avoid regulation by State/Municipal government of such services, in the public interest . ‘The Public Interest’ a totally outmoded notion in the Age of the collapse of that ‘Free Market Mirage’. That Public Interest, another holdover from a once functioning polity, that took the shared political/civic destiny of The Commonwealth as it foundation, not the Political Romantic vision of the Mont Pelerin Society capitalist apologists. 

Arianna Huffington as savior of Uber! Arianna almost out does that canny old self-promoter Norman Podhoretz, in his classic cynical declaration in  ‘Making It’ . Except that ‘Our Little Greek Girl’ lacks Mr. Podhoretz’s loathsome cynicism. Ms. Huffington is all emotive gush over life’s opportunities, while carefully maintaining her status as acolyte of Milton Friedman!

Political Observer

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