At The Financial Times: Edward Luce almost embraces The New Democrats: Sanders & Corbyn play ‘the crazy old uncles in the attic’. Old Socialist reviews this disjointed political melodrama

Jon Ossoff is not a ‘Centrist Democrat’ but a Corporatist Democrat. Paul Jay and Nina Turner offer a more cogent, not to speak of a realistic, appraisal of the Ossoff defeat:

This district has a median income of $83 K per year and has voted Republican since 1971. This demonstrates the bad judgement of the New Democrats, they squandered 23/24 million dollars on a fools errand. The Clintonistas perpetual bad judgement on display. Watch the video, and check for my mistakes, as I’m doing it from memory.

As for the Neo-Liberal Lite Macron, as some kind of political model for the New Democrats:

A win for Mr Ossoff would have signalled that the pragmatic, Emmanuel Macron, wing of the party could deliver results.

The above sentence qualifies as a statement worthy of Mrs. Malaprop. Macron is a Corporatist!

Are the resignations of François Bayrou, Marielle de Sarnez and Sylvie Goulard  indicative of both bad judgement and faulty leadership, that the New Democrats seem to have an overabundance ?

The affairs had come as an embarrassment to Mr Macron, who campaigned on a promise to clean up French politics following a series of high-profile scandals over party payments and the hiring of family members. Mr Bayrou’s position as minister in charge of a new “moralisation” bill intended to raise ethical standards in politics had become untenable.

What Mr. Luce attempts is a maladroit attack on both Corbyn and Sanders, the two political nostalgics stuck in the glory days of the Welfare State: these sentences  describes Luce’s sovereign contempt for both these politicians:

For the time being, that man is Mr Sanders. Like Mr Corbyn, he comes across as sincere. Like the crazy uncle in the attic, he cannot change the subject. You may find his economic views naive or dangerous. But you know what he stands for. Once you start listening, it is hard to stop. If you are young, you appreciate his idealism.

The Neo-Liberal Age collapsed in 2008 and all those ‘Free Market Technocrats’ have yet to bring back prosperity, although they pronounce the Market Incantations with numbing regularity: heavily garnished with Populist hysterics. Mrs. Clinton appears here as the voice of ‘incrementalism’, in sum,  ‘political rationalism‘, instead of the New Dealer Sanders and Labour stalwart Corbyn, playing their parts, is this disjointed political melodrama of  ‘the crazy old uncles in the attic’ . As opposed to Mrs. Clinton’s role as Goldwater Girl of the 21st Century.  What was once dubbed as ‘The Rebellion Against The Elites’ has been discarded, a descriptor redolent of class bias, that has been foreshortened to Populism.

Old Socialist

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