Emmanuel Macron as “Jupiterian”!Anne-Sylvaine Chassany reports in The Financial Times. A comment by Committed Observer

The reader just has to laugh at the assertions that M. Macron makes in the first paragraph of  Anne-Sylvaine Chassany essay!

Emmanuel Macron’s decision to open up Louis XIV’s palace in Versailles for Russia’s Vladimir Putin at the end of May made perfect sense for the newly elected French leader who once defined his future presidential style as “Jupiterian”.

Even if En Marche wins big in the coming election, the more the French people hear and see the hubris , no other word describes the hauteur of M. Macron, the less likely they are to support the Neo-Liberal Reform he has to offer. Allied to ‘More Europe’ meaning a closer alliance with the Merkel/Schäuble pretenders to an economic virtue that is belied by their history in the 20th Century. 

The hauteur  of M. Macron is on full display in the penultimate paragraph of  Anne-Sylvaine Chassany’s essay:

Even though his “Jupiterian” style needs perfecting (he was caught on camera making a distasteful joke about Comoran migrants recently), and even though it highlights contempt for the press, Mr Macron does get it. The French do not want a “normal” president, Mr Macron told weekly magazine Challenges in October. “On the contrary, such a concept destabilises them, it makes them feel insecure.” Leaders ought to refuse to be dictated by the news and they should have an ability “to enlighten, to know, to spell out a meaning and a direction anchored in French history”, he added.

According to M. Macron the French don’t want a President they want a paterfamilias, a concept not from The Sun King, but from Roman antiquity: a Patriarch who controlled the lives of every person in his household! Not former Vichyite turned Neo-Liberal Mitterrand, nor the bully boy Sarkozy, but de Gaulle to the second power. Welcome to President  Macron! and let the Street Demonstrations and political unrest begin, in earnest!

Committed Observer 


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