@socialeurope: John Palmer opines on ‘The UK Brexit Campaign Is Starting To Fracture’. Left-Wing Social Democrat comments

The mildly curious reader need only read your own description of  Mr. Palmer’s associations to realize exactly who he is in terms of the European Union:

About John Palmer

John Palmer was the European Editor of The Guardian and then Founder and Political Director of the European Policy Centre. He is a Visiting Practitioner Fellow at Sussex University’s European Institute and a member of the Council of the Federal Trust in London.

That reader is also capable of reading two of Mr. Palmer’s earlier comments, both in the early part of 2017, with titles that gives the game away, on his political position on the European Union and his Anti-Corbyn hysterics. The reader can only wonder is she reading The Economist, The Financial Times or more likely The Daily Mail?

Ireland Faces Heavy Costs For UK’s Brexit Folly  


Or this bit of Old/New Cold War paranoia mongering

Brexit: Final Judgement Is Key, Comrade Corbyn

Left-Wing Social Democrat

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