Janan Ganesh on ‘Terror’ and the ‘frivolous general election’. Political Observer comments

In his recent essay, Mr. Ganesh avoids the obvious use of political cliches, but still manages to sound the notes of a baffled ‘Occidentalism’ that cannot come to terms with the glaring fact that America and its European Allies, and their ‘Mideast Partners’ Saudi Arabia and its camp followers, with the addition of the Apartheid State of Israel are engaged in pursuing Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’. And for there to be an end to ‘Terrorism’ a strategy predicated upon those actors ending their siege against Islam, in its various expressions. As that will never happen, Mr. Ganesh engages in this oracular malapropism:

If voters would rather not dwell on such dark realities, there is no shame in that. It is the unique burden of leadership to resist this temptation and go to the heart of the matter.

Mr. Ganesh describes, or more accurately sketches, this political nexus of the pursuers of that ‘Clash’ with a telling brevity. Except that this thread of a possible argument for ending that ‘Clash’ remain in the political territory of  lost, indeed, squandered opportunity.

In the closed world of security think-tanks, consultants and journalists, there has been a rich discussion about the government’s anti-extremism strategy since it was led by Tony Blair.

Political Reporter


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