At The Financial Times: Episode CXXIII of Gideon Rachman’s Political Hysterics. A comment by Political Reporter

The Western Political Melodrama is brought into focus by the Peronist Trump! Merkel simply brings to the fore the fact that Europe must defend itself, but against whom. The Myth of Russian Revanchism is growing old but the NATO,EU murderous adventurism in Ukraine are fresh, pictures of porcine Chocolate King, in battle fatigues, shaking hands with the Brave Resistance are best that can be mustered by a Western Press. The Greek Crisis of 2014, and 4 time defaulter Germany as the carrier of the banner of ‘The Virtuous Northern Tier’ have become the permanent decor of a American Hegemony in decline.

Never fear, Gideon Rachman aided by American Imperial Apologist Richard Haass, called ‘doyen’ by Rachman, better to call him the most august member in the American College of Foreign Policy Cardinals, which translates into being a mouthpiece for the American Empire. Both of these thinkers/actors see very clearly the demise of that hegemony, and are in a state of panic over the fissuring of that Post War Settlement. But Mr. Rachman takes solace that the alliance of  the Clinton-as-victim New Democrats, the Neo-Conservatives, and the Deep State Spying apparatus operatives, will remove Trump via Impeachment. As punishment for his being a political creature of Russian political adventurism: Trump commits treason as the in-order-too of taking power. This is the stuff of small screen paranoid melodrama, a staple of American Television since ‘I Led Three Lives’ ( )

Political Reporter

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