@RThillaye : Macron & Obama, the leaders of an Enlightened Neo-Liberalism? Political Observer ponders the question of Neo-Liberalism Lite à la française

What the political present demands is more apologetic chatter from a Think Tank employee, who identifies as ‘Progressive’ while actually being a Neo-Liberal, in its more diluted form. For the full story on the Policy Network and its commitment to Neo-Liberalism see this Wikipedia entry:


Enter Stage Right M. Renaud Thillaye, to sing the praises of Emmanuel Macron, as the natural successor to the thoroughly discredited ‘Hope and Change’ huckster Barack Obama.

Please ignore the Abstentions, Spoiled Ballots and the exercise of the voters, in the French election, in the selecting of ‘the lesser of two evils’ Macron, in preference to Le Pen.  Fillon, the almost dashing Marinetti/Thatcherite, whose Speed and Shock strong medicine faded with his indictment, would have been too much for the Policy Network’s more finely attuned political sensibility.

The votes in the first round of the election gave Fillon and Mélenchon each almost 20% of the vote. Does it look like an unobstructed path to the ‘reforms’ that Macron will offer? We already have an answer:

YVMacronMay282017Answer to T


M. Renaud Thillaye’s pastiche of a Macron Press Release, establishes his credentials as a Macron political enthusiast, in sum a partisan. But more importantly as an apologist for the evolving Macron administration.

Political Observer




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