Martin Wolf sees Macron as the Political White Knight of France and the EU Almost Marx Comments

The vision of  Monnet for the EU was of a Federation of Technocrats, democracy in a coal and steel cartel was not just irrelevant, but a danger to the profit motive of a Capitalism, employed as a check in the evolving Cold War against the post-war Soviet Empire. Monnet according to his beliefs, shared a larger vision, too bad that has proven to be misbegotten, in the persons of Schäuble and Merkel as henchmen for an utterly corrupt institutionalized German autocracy.

The notion that Neo-Liberal Lite Boy Wonder Macron will somehow ‘persuade’ the Schäuble/ Merkel axis, that ‘reform’ of the EU is a  political/economic imperative is on its face preposterous. As object lesson the reader need only look to how the Schäuble/ Merkel axis treated the Greeks, as the response that four time defaulter Germany will treat Macron’s proposals.

Here is an excerpt from Yanis Varoufakis’ essay at Project Syndicate of May 15, 2017:

Congratulations, President Macron – Now We Oppose You

ATHENS – Prior to the second round of the French Presidential election, DiEM25 (the pan-European movement of democrats, mostly of the left, that I helped to found) promised Emmanuel Macron that we would “mobilize fully to help” him defeat Marine Le Pen. This we did – incurring the wrath of many on the left – because maintaining “an equal distance between Macron and Le Pen,” we believed, was “inexcusable.”

But there was a second part to our promise to Macron: if he “becomes merely another functionary of Europe’s deep establishment,” pursuing dead-end, already-failed neoliberalism, we “will oppose him no less energetically than we are – or should be – opposing Le Pen now.”

Relieved that Macron won, and proud of our clear support for him, we must now fulfill the second part of the promise. No “honeymoon” period: we must oppose Macron immediately. Here’s why.

Macron’s electoral program made clear his intent to continue with the labor-market policies that he began to introduce as former President François Hollande’s economy minister. Having spoken to him about these policies, I have no doubt that he believes in them strongly. He follows a long tradition of blaming the legal constraints on firing workers for the fall in permanent employment and the emergence of a new division between protected and precarious employees – between insiders, with well-paid, quasi-tenured positions, and outsiders, who work as service providers without benefits and often under zero-hour contracts. Trade unions and the left, according to this view, are actually a conservative force, because they defend insiders’ interests while ignoring the plight of the burgeoning army of outsiders.

This shows, with a directness not seen at The Financial Times, that the Macron Victory is made up of electorate’s exercise of the ‘The Lesser of Two Evils’, spoiled ballots and massive abstentions, that, in sum, are the facts of the Macron Victory. And the Wolf imperative of ‘Reform in France’ meaning its Neo-Liberalization. The French can’t even manage to look across the Channel, to see the utter disaster of  the British experiment with the Free Market Poison? Is Macron France’s Tony Blair? The man without a Party will govern how? As Yanis Varoufakis points out, there will be no honeymoon!

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