At The Financial Times: The emerging party line on the Trump firing of Comey. A comment by Political Observer

Headline: Donald Trump fires FBI director James Comey

Sub-headline: Washington stunned by dismissal carried out as bureau probes campaign ties to Russia

The latest episode in the New Cold War Melodrama is the firing of FBI Director James Comey by Donald Trump. As reported by Demetri Sevastopulo, et al , of The Financial Times, he uses the firing of Archibald Cox as his historical frame. Mr. Cox wasn’t fired by the ultra respectable WASP Attorney General Elliot Richardson, who resigned over the issue,  but by ‘Nixon ultimately had his way when his solicitor-general fired Cox,…’ That unnamed Solicitor General, which Mr.  Sevastopulo rhetorically diminishes by the use of the lower case, it being the title of an Executive Branch official should always be capitalized, was Neo-Confederate/Originalist Martyr Robert Bork.  Don’t call it an oversight, but call it what it is an exercise in Historical Erasure.

Mr. Sevastopulo then points to the involvement of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who ‘recused’ himself from ‘any Russia related investigations’, but will now assist President Trump in the selection of a new FBI Director.

  In recommending that Mr Comey be fired, Mr Sessions wrote that a “fresh start is needed at the leadership of the FBI”. Mr Sessions has recused himself from any Russia-related investigations because he himself had failed to disclose two meetings with Sergei Kislyak, the Russian ambassador.

Headline: FBI sacking puts little-known prosecutor under scrutiny

Sub-headline: Blistering memo from deputy AG Rosenstein made case for Comey dismissal

This news story by Joshua Chaffin and Brooke Masters is a report on ‘deputy attorney-general’ Rod Rosenstein. Again the lower case when the upper case is necessary, its not just a faux pas! Mr. Rosenstein is well respected but the reader should consider the evidence as offered in the article:

A graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Law School, he has spent almost 30 years in the Justice Department in a career that has included work on Kenneth Starr’s controversial probe of Democratic President Bill Clinton and prosecutions of violent street gangs and corrupt prison guards.

The reader confronts the very glaring issue of an association with prosecutorial zealot Kenneth Starr.

Mr Rosenstein demurred, but he tried to reassure the senators: “Political affiliation is irrelevant to my work.” He also told them: “I can certainly assure you, if it’s America against Russia or America against any other country I think everyone in this room knows which side I’m on,” adding that it was “critical for the American people to have confidence in the integrity of our investigation”

And Mr. Rosenstein’s self-serving denial of being political, allied to his assurances of political conformity/loyalty to America: proving beyond a doubt, that American politics and culture are infected with the Old Cold War Ethos, that has now been rehabilitated in the face of the rise of  Putin The Terrible as the New Enemy. Replacing Stalin in post World War II American life.

Headline: Comey falls victim to Trump’s Tuesday night massacre

Sub-headline: Nixon is the only precedent for the president firing the man investigating him

Mr. Luce, in his latest essay, is framed by Watergate: he can find his Archibald Cox i.e. Comey, but where is his Elliot Richardson? No where to be found! To those of us who followed the Watergate case, day by day, on television and newspapers, Mr. Luce displays a cursory knowledge of some of the facts of this scandal, that act as his rhetorical frame. Yet he was not yet ten years old at the time of Watergate, for some of us it is etched in our memory by the acid of political criminality at the highest levels. Nixon was self-destructive, everything he touched he spoiled, with his mendacity aided by his mealy-mouthed search for bourgeois political respectability: Pat’s cloth coat and the Checkers speech just two examples of Nixonian groveling. Trump needs no one, that is the danger of this political nihilist. Nixon had to bargain with and court political respectability, Trump is all lizard brain, to reach back to another age of scientific hypothesis.

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