At The Financial Times: Public Relations Maven Daniel Davies opines on Obama’s $400,000 speech. Political Reporter comments

“The people are the sea that the revolutionary swims in”: attributed to Mao Zedong. What can this quote have to do with Daniel Davies cynical and self-congratulatory essay, on Obama’s reported speech that cost $400,000.Who is/was worth such a sum, except Bill Clinton , or ‘Rent a Former Head of State’ Tony Blair?

An analysis might read that Wall Street Bankers acts as the stand-in for ‘people’ and Obama as the stand-in for ‘revolutionary’. I know that this ‘argument’ is hyperbolic, even satiric on its face, Mr. Davies deserves nothing less! As everyone knew, by the end of his second term, that Obama was a Corporatist Front-Man, e.g. his de facto pardon of Wall Street Bankers. Unless you were/are a New Democrat who holds office.

All the reader need do is follow this link to view the Frontline Analysts web page:

That demonstrates that Bernays, Goebbels and generations of Madison Ave. hucksters have corrupted the political dialogue in Western Democracies, perhaps the whole of world politics.  That made ‘Public Relations’ specialists like Mr. Davies possible. An example of the quality and depth of the thinking of Mr. Davies: ‘Politics really is showbusiness for ugly people.’  To paraphrase Truman Capote, Mr. Davies essay wasn’t writing, it was typing, or maybe just dictation?

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