On Teresa May’s call for a ‘snap election’, Political Observer comments

Following in the footsteps of David Cameron, Teresa May calls for a vote on ‘advice’ from Rovian political strategist Lynton Crosby. Based on her fealty to the democratic process? Are the Tories capable of making a bad bet followed by another? Or will her hunch pay off? You say: quite a ballsy move for a PK (preacher’s kid)!To frame in vulgar American terms.

The vote will become a plebiscite on Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of Labour, or any other of a number of issues? In a time of rising Populism, the dread successor to a failed Neo-Liberalism, as propagandized in the pages of this newspaper, but will this be the end of Corbyn? What of Farage, SNP, not to speak of a number of other persons and issues that this vote will bring to the fore? 

Is May’s move part of a plan to short circuit the opposition, by risking a seemingly chaotic move, in a kind of caricature of the Peronist political trope, of fomenting usable chaos, and exploiting the disequilibrium that will ensue? Crosby as Rovian is capable of what? Shall we look to the Rove strategy of starting a gossip campaign, like the one used against Ann Richards in the Texas governorship race of 1994? Or is that anathema to May’s Anglican virtue?

The Financial Times is in full propaganda mode, with argument aided by the garnish of charts and graphs, as reinforcement of the notion that there is no need for its readership to panic, as everything is under control.

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