Jamil Anderlini on ‘The South China Sea reality check’, a comment by Political Reporter

Mr. Jamil Anderlini’s description of the problem of ‘American Decline‘:

‘Even some US officials privately acknowledge that China has won the battle for the South China Sea without firing a shot. In the annals of American decline, this episode will surely loom large.’

The coven of Neo-Conservatives in the State Department i.e. Victoria Nuland, and her staunch ally R2P Zealot Samantha Power, were otherwise engaged in the workshop of Ukraine. Although there are other anonymous bad actors, in that Department, whose loyalty is to a state of permanent war, with the enemies of the Old Cold War Russia and China!

Diagnosis, or better yet placing the blame for that ‘American Decline‘:
Much of the fault lies with Barack Obama, the former US president, and Hillary Clinton, his secretary of state. President Donald Trump and his administration are in danger of accelerating the slide in American credibility.’

To go back a few steps in Mr. Anderlini’s argument, need the reader be reminded that in 1823 The Monroe Doctrine proclaimed that America’s sphere of influence was the whole of the Western Hemisphere?

Where was the ‘Permanent Court of Arbitration’ then, or even now, on the claims of the American Hegemon? Americans have been utterly ruthless in their innumerable murderous interventions on it’s neighbors. The record of American ‘interventions’ in the affairs of other nations across the globe is not just well known, but notorious: Mr. Anderlini’s self-serving ideological myopia is on full display.  His New Cold War propaganda  is the center of  fear mongering and lamentation of ‘American Decline’, expressed as crocodile tears?

Mr. Anderlini isn’t above the exercise of an historically garnished schoolyard taunt:

Mao Zedong, the peasant guerrilla fighter who ruled China for 27 years, once described the US as a “paper tiger”: fierce in appearance but ultimately harmless. The waterway debacle has lent credence to those in Beijing who adhere to this view today.’

The remainder of his essay is couched in the hyper-masculine vocabulary of American Foreign Policy chatter : ‘Resolve’,  ‘predominance’, ‘projection of power’,  and other apt descriptors,  conducted in language, that extemporizes on the themes, not to speak of the mentality that Norman Mailer expressed in his critique of Kate Millet’s ‘Sexual Politics’. Hysteria in the dominant emotional register adopted by the New Cold Warriors in homage to the Cold Warriors of another time. This buttressed by such pussyfooting as ‘doubting America’s capabilities and resolve’, ‘perceived capitulations’ presented as the thoughts ,the beliefs, the doubts of others, rather than the opinions held by the author, though carefully refracted through rhetorically convenient surrogates.

Even political nihilist Trump is scolded on his failure to stop the Chinese Menace :

‘His appointees, such as Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, have only exacerbated the recent legacy of US indecision by talking tough about curbing Chinese expansionism and then backtracking.’

The exhumation of the Cold War, and its twin The Yellow Peril, are rehabilitated in the pages of the Financial Times , by a member, in very good standing, of respectable Western Bourgeois Journalism.

Please read Mr. Anderlini’s very impressive CV here:


Please note, Mr. Anderlini’s enhanced status as Young Global Leader, chosen by the World Economic Forum for 2013:

‘In 2013, he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and short-listed for both Foreign Reporter of the Year at the Press Awards in the UK and also the Orwell Prize, the UK’s most prestigious prize for political writing.’
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