At The Financial Times Episode MDXXXI: Valeria Gontareva saves the Ukrainian banking system. Old Socialist comments

Its very interesting that the ‘reformers’ that are, or have been, featured in The Financial Times,  Gontareva and Argentine President Mauricio Macri were what? Clients of  Mossack Fonseca? Gontareva’s name ‘pops up’ in the Panama Papers, yet the link the Financial Times provides is of the general reporting done by the Financial Times. Where is the information regarding Gontareva?  In one of the many news items provided?  The purest kind of journalistic obfuscation, and or apologetics for the Coup government’s  Neo-Liberalization  of the Ukrainian economy, even though the IMF has lost its faith in that Neo-Liberalism?

The starring role in this little political melodrama of Poroshenko crony Gontareva, defeating the ‘Oligarchs’, not to speak of her, by her own admission, “absolutely incredible, draconian, administrative measures”, like cutting the pensions of retirees in half?  Or does that not fit under the rubric of ‘draconian administrative measures’? The celebrated ‘Strong Medicine’ revised for another context?

Neil Buckley and Roman Olearchyk do a workman like job of producing Ukrainian Coup propaganda, with the slavering Oligarchs taking the role usually played by Putin.

Old Socialist


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