The Financial Times, President Trump and Glass-Steagall: a comment by Almost Marx

What is wrong with this ‘Newspaper’ and ‘reporter’ Ben McLannahan ? A purely rhetorical question.There already exists a bill cosponsored by Elizabeth Warren and John McCain as reported by The Hill in 2015, a Glass-Steagall for the 21st Century :

The co-sponsors Warren and McCain demonstrates a kind of consensus that might make it a worthy goal of bipartisanship, in the public interest? Recall that Sen. McCain was one of the ‘Keating Five’:

So McCain has some baggage! Recall the ‘Good McCain’ of ‘The Straight Talk Express’ or the ‘Bad McCain’ of ‘Bomb,bomb, Iran’? What the reader gets in Mr. McLannahan’s reportage is the hand-wringing of the plutocrats and or their apologists/sycophants. What makes it ‘News’ is that the dread ‘Populist’ Trump may just be right about this one thing? While the FT pretends that there wasn’t at least two senators who saw the disaster that was/is Grammy-Leach-Blily ‘reform’, that was the harbinger of catastrophe that devolved into the dismal economic present. Except for the gamblers of our almost completely financialized economy, that produces profits for a class of very wealthy speculators, and misery for the rest of us! Not speak of the ‘reports’ of how well the economy is doing- yes for a select class dubbed the 1% by the unwashed Occupy Wall Street movement: seemingly crushed by plutocrat Bloomberg’s goons, yet its plangent idea of the chasm that exists between the 1% and the 99%, has become a descriptor of the fact of a corrupt Plutocracy’s malfeasance, if not unapologetic criminality.

Almost Marx

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