Janan Ganesh on being “Dianafied”, a comment by Political Reporter

As a reader who has just come from Mr. Ganesh’s ‘Buyer’s remorse in the sexual revolution: The guardians of the New Prurience tend to be young and avowedly progressive’ which was a milestone in the construction of ‘The Ganesh Enemies List’, written in a coded language that even the most avid fans of the Ganesh ‘New-New Journalism’ found daunting.

But in this essay ostensibly about ‘Claudio Ranieri has been “Dianafied” since his recent dismissal by Leicester City’  the reader is treated to a full scale analysis of ‘The Princess Diana Phenomenon’ as an expression of repressed emotion, that renders any expression of public emotion kitsch, or as Mr. Ganesh would have it ‘schmaltz’. The usual bile and gall of Ganesh’s cynicism ensues.

Mr. Ganesh is too young to recall, and or know about, the ill fated romance between Princess Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend. Told in this review of ‘The Crown’ in all its heart rending detail in Vanity Fair, which specializes in exhuming the Melodramas of the past and present.
This romance became such that even a seven year old child,myself, recalls vividly the fact of the American public sentiment that Margaret should have been allowed to marry  Townsend. We are democrats to the core. Yet even in Britain their romance was front page news, and feelings that Mr. Ganesh finds to be ‘schmaltz’, ran high in favor of the Princess and the man she loved.
As usual Mr. Ganesh stumbles over his historical ignorance allied to his unslakable, not to say pernicious, cynicism. Claudio Ranieri fades into the distance, of a very long shot, to use cinematic parlance.

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