Fillon declares himself still a candidate in The French Political Melodrama, a comment by Committed Observer

The ‘Speed and Shock’ candidate Fillon demonstrates that the French Political Melodrama, in which Macron is the the putative winner, for now, is at an end? The Marinetti/Thatcherite offers what has proven to be an utter failure just across the Channel, but appears in the ‘vision’ of Fillon as some kind of antidote to France’s addiction to Socialism. Its ‘as if’ the hard lessons of Britain and America, from the rise of Thatcher/Reagan to the dismal political/economic present, has escaped the notice of Fillon and his aging revolutionary cadre.

See Christine Ockrent’s essay at Prospect Magazine with the headline:

‘Emmanuel Macron: candidate for a country at a crossroads’

With ‘Alain Juppé rules himself out of French presidential race’ headline, at The Financial Times of March 6, 2017, the reader can look forward to that Political Melodrama, with a kind anxious anticipation that the American Pot Boiler ‘Dynasty’ used to inspire!

Committed Observer


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