February 03, 2017: Europe’s responsibility: standing firm on Ukraine etc.,etc. On The New Cold War episode MMXVII. A comment by Political Reporter

But the proximate cause of the renewed conflict is surely the sudden vacuum of US leadership on Ukraine. Washington’s muted response to the violence, which did not even mention Russia, will alarm not just Kiev but capitals across Europe. Equally worrying, the nearly two-year-old Minsk II agreement, supposed to bring peace to east Ukraine, is on life-support.

It appears that the editorial writes at The Financial Times missed Amb. Haley’s speech at the UN, link here:


Her speech, in a straightforward unmistakable way, demonstrates that the American position on Ukraine remains unchanged, no matter Mr. Trump’s Putin flirtations. Perhaps Amb. Haley is being tutored by Victoria Nuland and Jeffrey Pyatt? These two Neo-Cons whose appetite for war is as unslakable, as that the other dramatis personae in this little journalistic melodrama, Sen. John McCain.

There can be no doubt that the US, EU, NATO and their corrupt Ukrainian callabos, aided and abetted by the R2P intellectuals, Neo-Cons, and Neo-Liberals across the political spectrum of America and Europe, that have made the New Cold War part of the current political orthodoxy. See Ukraine: Thinking Together, Kyiv 15-19 May Manifesto for the early and continuing supporters/apologists of the Coup government.

Click to access Programme_Public_EN.pdf

What appears in this essay is political advocacy i.e. advice to Ms. Merkel, senior US Republicans, Sen. John McCain in particular, all of whom have a ‘vital roll’ to play in the care and maintenance of the Coup government. As it evolves/mutates into a more usable, more effective instrument, of the National Security States of Europe under the leadership of the American Hegemon.

Ms Merkel, and other European and international leaders, should also prevail on Mr Trump not to engage in any “deal” with Mr Putin that would trade away Ukrainian interests. Senior US Republicans, such as Senator John McCain, also have a vital role to play.

Political Reporter


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