@mattklewis: Betsy DeVos is a Revolutionary ! a comment by Old Socialist


Since the departure of gossip queen Tina Brown, The Daily Beast has come under the partial leadership of Neo-Con Michael Weiss, and it shows.  Leslie Gelb, a former Clinton employee/protege, is also disappeared.  While still  employed is  New Democrat Michael Tomasky, a vocal Clinton fellow traveler, which amounts to Neo-Conservatism Lite. The newest addition to The Daily Beast’s menagerie is Matt Lewis. His latest essay:

Headline:Betsy DeVos Fight Demonstrates Donald Trump’s Serious About Changing Washington

Sub-headline: At its heart, her nomination is about a changing America, and a proxy war coming to a head in the U.S. Senate.

In Mr. Lewis’ world view Betsy DeVos is of ‘ A revolutionary leader will have to balance pushing school choice with making the trains run on time.’ Call Ms. DeVos and her ilk the unholy matrimony between Corporatism, an American idiosyncratic version of Fascism, and the deeply reactionary politics of The Theocons ,as Damon Linker describes in his book. The alliance between God and Mammon, in American life, is a remarkable example of American political/religious ingenuity, destined for ignominious failure. Or to put it the most vulgar terms Jesus and Ayn Rand are not political bedfellows.

In Mr. Lewis’ ebullient pre-inaugeration mood, celebrating the victory of  Trump, and the DeVos hearings as the opening of a  ‘proxy war’, he forgets Obama’s loss of the House in 2010, and the loss of the Senate in 2014. To judge from the 2010 defeat, the ‘Hope and Change’ political mantra had a short lived popularity with the electorate, and the 2014 loss of the Senate, can be, and is viewed by ‘Conservatives’ like Lewis, to be a repudiation of the whole of his presidency. Judging from the discontent of those coal miners , how much time can Trump count on? Is 2018 the date? If the  New Democrats can dig themselves out of the wholesale corruption they are steeped in, probably too much to ask. Are the Greens finally to come into their own, as the natural alternative to New Democratic corruption?

Old Socialist




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