@michaeldweiss: Full time New Cold Warrior, and aspiring le Carré discovers the skulduggery of The GRU. A comment by American Writer

Mr. Weiss offers this to his avid readers, to welcome in the New Year:


The headline is further elucidated and/or framed by this sentence fragment from his second paragraph:

‘Ever since, in the long dark history of Soviet and Russian spookery…’

This has all the plangency, mystery, and foreshadowing of ‘it was dark and stormy night’. This is followed by more of Weiss’ foreshortened Melodrama, this chapter titled ‘The Noose Tightens’:

But on Thursday the GRU suddenly emerged from the shadows when the waning Obama administration imposed sanctions on the four top-ranking GRU officers for their roles hacking the private email correspondence of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta. The entire spy agency, along with the FSB, was also sanctioned institutionally.

But there is even more, Mr. Weiss can’t resist the urge to write his potted history. Concision and brevity are absent in his self-serving reconstruction. And not to forget that Weiss’ other aspiration is to be a War Correspondent, call him a Francoist Hemingway!    There is, beyond doubt, a manuscript in his right-hand desk drawer, that is not quite complete. Would that he had the time, to put his calling as Savior of Western Political Virtue, on hold long enough to finish his The Spy Who Came in from the Cold .  Or, would that he had the talent of a Graham Greene, whose ‘entertainments’ still move the reader to this day. Or that he were an Eric Ambler, who was the natural inheritor of a long British tradition of the novel, that were called  ‘thrillers’ yet were impeccable examples of this long tradition.

American Writer



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