The Argentine Political Melodrama: ‘Cristina Fernández charged in Argentina corruption case’, a comment by StephenKMackSD

As the Argentine Political Melodrama continues to unfold,  as reported at The Financial Times, the curious reader will look to other sources of information, in regards to the Panama Papers revelations, and about the Macri families ties to Mossack Fonseca law firm. See the Buenos Aires Herald of September 19,2016:

Headline:New company linked to Macri family in Panama Papers documents

Karter Properties is linked to a family close to Franco Macri, that of Pier Andrea Nocella, an Italian film producer who is also the grandson of the late Giorgio, a close personal friend of Franco and Tonini Macri, Mauricio’s father and uncle.

Giorgio Nocella was also a director of SOCMA, one of Franco’s big-name firms historically.

Karter Properties was created in January 5, 1999, by his then 27-year-old grandson Pier, and registered at the same address as Fleg — Saffrey Square 205, Bank Lane, Bahamas, a building shared by some Supreme Court officers and the firm Gucci, among others.

In the case of Fleg, Lussich has claimed that that while Mauricio Macri did allow his father to use his name in the directory of the firm, that situation changed quickly when other employees of Franco’s firm Socma were used for that role instead. Página/12 raised doubts on that claim, saying that the replacement of the current president as a director took over a decade to come to fruition.

Karter, meanwhile, does register changes in its directory, with Nocella replaced by Uruguayan Luis Vieira Merola.

The investigation alleges Karter and Fleg were “twin” companies, although the former did not register any operations in Brazil, as Fleg did.

Fleg Trading played a role as a holding company for the Pago Fácil business of Franco’s holding in the Mercosur giants. The move was done via Owners Do Brasil Participações, a company based in São Paulo, of which Fleg Trading was a majority share-holder.

Are readers looking at another Brazil? where the political actors who impeached Rousseff – Michel Temer is barred from seeking office for 8 years:

Headline: Credibility of Brazil’s Interim President Collapses as he receives 8-Year Ban on Running for Office




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