On the political myopia of Gideon Rachman, a comment by Political Reporter

Trump’s five fateful foreign policy choices’ headline begins this essay, but just one sentence of Mr. Rachman’s dependable, and infrequently modulated political melodrama, demonstrates a certain repetitive political myopia, my apologies to the reader for this clumsy description, yet I think it an apt characterization of the Rachman rhetorical strategy:

The incredulity and alarm that Mr Trump’s appointments have caused in the Washington establishment are compounded by his disdain for the government’s own experts.

The technocrats that are in a ‘state of alarm’ are the ‘experts’ some of whom date back to the debates/debacles of the 1960’s to the dismal present : the Cuban missile crisis, the Dominican Republic  Coup of 1963, Vietnam. This interspersed, in no particular order, of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, El Salvador etc., etc. To the fall of the Soviet Union and its rehabilitation to a Market Economy, that precipitated the rise of the Oligarchs and the KGB victors.  To the calamitous ‘War on Terror’, Our 30 Years War, from 2001 to its current iteration. The record of this dismal list of failures, of this coterie of ‘experts’, is  American History!

The Trump Strategy can be viewed in his Apprentice television circus: to cultivate a usable disequilibrium, in his opponents, and be aware, that in the mind and ‘moral world view’ of the Caudillo, the Strong Man, everyone is an opponent! That is what puts Paul Ryan’s attempt to ‘tutor’ Trump, in the practices of American politics into the realm of black comedy. Not forgetting the strong element of schadenfreude: a personal confession!

Trump is the issue of a Republican Party, that made political nihilism its operative strategy, since 2008. And now the strategic thinkers, who practiced this political necromancy, are shocked,surprised, aghast at the rise of someone like Trump. And the New Democrats have proved themselves to be utterly corrupt, in their support for Hillary Clinton, a candidate committed to the Neo-Liberal status quo. Although she leads in the popular vote by 2.5 million votes.

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