Episode MCIII of The American Political Melodrama: Anne Applebaum confronts the Trump victory, and the possible cessation of The New Cold War. Political Cynic comments

I missed my favorite Neo-Con/New Cold Warrior Anne Applebaum’s November 9,2016 Washington Post commentary on the Trump election. She blocked me from following her twitter account, but her columns are fair game. Here is a telling excerpt from that essay, that clearly demonstrates her status as New Cold Warrior.

A few weeks ago, I spoke at an event attended by commanders of land forces from all across Europe. To a man, they remained grimly committed to their job, which everyone in the room understood to be twofold: protect Europe from terrorism, and protect Europe from Russia. The meeting was led, as is natural in a NATO context, by American generals. Now we can no longer assume that American generals will always be leading such meetings. We also cannot assume that Russian military advances, or hybrid-warfare advances, into Ukraine or the Baltic states will be pushed back by an alliance of like-minded countries.


You could call her what she is, a NATO apologists: ‘…commanders of land forces from all across Europe.’ is indicative of her loyalty.  Russian revanchism is met with Western Resolve in the New Cold Warrior mythology. Ms. Applebaum, just one among many  Western ‘policy experts’, who have made war with Russia a cause célèbre. She and her allies, like the utterly notorious Nuland/Kagan duo, and fellow travelers the R2P zealots like Samantha Power and Michael Ignatieff, who are Russophobes as acolytes of Isaiah Berlin’s ‘Liberalism’:  hallmarks of which are the courtship of the politically powerful and a sycophantic homage to the current political orthodoxy.

Political Cynic

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