Demetri Sevastopulo on Michael Flynn’s ‘brash style’, a comment by Political Reporter

Demetri Sevastopulo offers some valuable insights into Flynn’s surprising political beliefs about abortion and Gay Marriage. Yet the insights offered about Flynn that are telling, in connection with his management style, and his belief that his opinion on military matters, his area of expertise, as being key to policy considerations, don’t seem to warrant critique. Except that his abrasive style gets in his way. Would Colin Powell’s speculations, as related to military policy and foreign policy be treated in the same way? But Mr. Sevatopulo’s reliance on a single anonymous source dilutes the power of his essay. What the reader is left with is the fact of Mr. Flynn’s blatantly expressed  Islamophobia, and following the Financial Times New Cold War Party Line, being paid to sit at a dinner table with Mr. Putin, offers proof of his unsuitability.

The reader could compare Mr. Flynn with Hillary Clinton’s collection of Neo-Conservative Policy Experts, supporters  like William Kristol, Jeffrey Goldberg , Robert Kagan and his wife State Dept. official Victoria Nuland, not to speak of the 50 former G.O.P. National Security Officials who signed this letter:

This offering a kind of political parity with Mr. Flynn’ impolitic expressions, yet mirroring the same Islamophobia, in the more acceptable rhetorical frame of bourgeois political respectability.

Political Reporter

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