Simon Schama’s post election hysterics, by Political Reporter

But bowing to the judgment of the polls does not entail a suspension of dissent, especially, when, as in this case, the election involves shameless suppression of votes, the politicisation of the FBI and the cyber-interference of the Russians.

One would think that a Clinton ally would be more circumspect at making claims of skulduggery: voter suppression, FBI politicisation, and cyber-interference of the Russians, when the Podesta e mails provide extensive documentation of the skulduggery of the Clinton Campaign from its beginnings against Sen. Sanders!

Voter suppression has been quite the rage since the states controlled by Republican governors and state legislatures made state issued  I.D.’s mandatory, while limiting the hours of operation of rural DMV’s, when registering  to vote, in answer to the notion of Voter Fraud, not based on any verifiable data, but on hysterical Republican Party and Fox News propaganda. Comey like J.Edgar Hoover has power, and the Clinton Campaign attacks on his veracity had consequences, its called politics D.C. style! The Russian cyber-interference is, again, not based in fact but in the speculation of a loose collective of experts, and their speculation of Russian interference. That dovetailed with the evolving New Cold War narrative indulged in by Mrs. Clinton with desperate ferocity.

Mr. Schama’s righteous indignation is a thing to behold, and so much of what he says about Trump might have been more cogently argued, within a less hysterical charged frame. But he misses two very salient issues: Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote and lost in the Electoral College, and the stunning statistic that  46.9% of voters did not vote for either Trump or Mrs. Clinton. That statistic speaks to the fact that both these candidates were deeply unpopular with voters. Mr. Schama’s myopia is not only ideological, but an expression of his inability to examine the most relevant empirical evidence!

One can judge Mr. Schama by his statement of principals:

Calm down dear” my fellow interviewee instructed me on BBC Newsnight when, a day after the US election I dialled the vehemence up to 11. I paid her no heed.

Political Reporter


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