Edward Luce Melodrama: ‘American democracy’s gravest trial’, Publius comments

The Luce political hysterics almost gives way to a near recognition of the danger of Mrs. Clinton, yet it remains in the realm of conjecture. The fact that Bush II Neo-Cons recognize the Trump Danger is almost comic, in its distortion of the notion of a possible political morality, as to render that ‘distinction’ null! ‘Teetering’ on the brink of what? The calamitous Trump ascension being the end point of the Tea Party insurgency?

Francis Fukuyama, in the pages of  The National Interest in December 2013, declared ‘The Decay of American Political Institutions’ in which he attacks wholesale the meliorist politics of 20th Century in America.

Both Clinton and Trump, each in their own idiosyncratic ways, represent, not institutional decay, but the erosion of that legitimacy, of those institutions and the politicians that were/are responsible for the realization of ‘art of the possible’: the Republicans have devolved into dedicated nihilists, and the inheritors of the Dixiecrat Migration into the Republican Party, after the passage of The Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts of 1964 -1965.  And the New Democrats, as the leaked e mails reveal, are corrupt to its Corporatist core. And its candidate revealed to be as irresponsible with ‘State Secrets’ as Manning, Assange and Petraeus. Not to speak of the Primary process revealed as based on a Party apparatus, in service not to the imperatives of democracy, but to the bought loyalties of Party regulars.

What is certain about the post-election remainder of 2016, into 2017, is that the Republicans will continue their self-destructive Thermidorian Reaction. And that the New Democrats, in the person of President Hillary Clinton, will mount a Political Crusade for Merrick Garland as Rehnquist-in-Waiting. Not to speak of inviting Caudillo Netanyahu, in her first month in office, to prove her loyalty to the bellicose Zionism of AIPAC.



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