Michael Tomasky on Mrs. Clinton’s 4 Enemies & 5 Reasons Not To Panic, Political Observer comments


  1. ‘A man who just got the official endorsement of the Ku Klux Klan is close to becoming president of the United States.’
  2. She’s running against the Kremlin—…
  3. She’s running against Julian Assange…
  4. And she’s running against a rogue FBI director about whom more devastating information came out Wednesday morning.

Despite Mr. Tomasky’s 5 Reasons Not To Panic, his opening paragraphs reek of a paranoid defensiveness. He extemporizes on the  perennial theme/claim of The Paranoid: everyone is against me.  Mr. Tomasky simply sharpens the argument by engaging in the self-serving reductivism of just 4 Clinton Enemies: Trump,Putin, Assange and Comey. (Recall Nixon’s Enemies List?) And an eclectic list it is, even accusing Mr. Comey of being a ‘rogue FBI director’, shades of J. Edgar Hoover in his prime? A political operative as supposedly savvy as Mrs. Clinton, or her surrogates, including that paragon of New Democratic virtue Rep. Nancy Pelosi, have attacked the FBI Director. Who may only serve a ten year term, but who has a certain discretion in the wielding of his power: if his putative integrity is so frontally attacked, what might he do? The question has been answered!

Call Mr. Tomasky’s intervention what it is, the panic, indeed the desperation, of a political establishmentarian grasping for something resembling a legitimate argument.Should the reader gauge the Tomasky desperation by the brazenness of his attack on Comey?

Yet in his 5 Reasons Not To Panic, Mr. Tomasky returns to rational argument and is quite convincing, though not wholly so. Tomasky should have consigned the first part of his essay to the wastebasket, and led with the rational arguments. Consider that Tomasky is a writer for The Daily Beast, now in the firm grip of Neo-Con Michael Weiss, a specialist in fomenting politically usable hysteria.

Political Observer


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