Janan Ganesh on ‘a lost world of emotional self-reliance’ Political Cynic comments

Call this essay an episode of Mr. Ganesh’s Collection of Shopworn Cliches:

look back in anger, stiff upper lip, emotional self-reliance, softies, toughening up, sensitivity training, Newisms (where neologism ought to be), lost world , a quiet soul, sentimental, machismo, normal,  generation, retrograde, no-nonsense, refusal to commune, wellbeing, emotional expressiveness, nervous voters, hunkering down, grin-and-bear-it

The arbiters of the new post Brexit public morality are Teresa May’s ‘stiff upper lip’ or Stoicism, and  Noel and Liam Gallagher’s morality, borne of years of violent child abuse from their father, as they witnessed the violent abuse of their mother. Call it Pop Culture Social Dawinism,that is a continuing theme of the Ganesh Weltanschauung. All of this delivered in the Ganesh patois of contemptuous dismissal: he  riffs on a theme once favored by the now defunct aristocratic ethic of another era, now the province of Tory chatterers. 

Political Cynic



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