Edward Luce compares Trump to Nixon, success or failure ? A comment by Political Observer

Trump isn’t Nixon! Hillary is the New Nixon of 1968. Mrs. Clinton was carefully ‘re-branded’ for her 2016 run for president, to make her more personally appealing to the voter: women, blacks and hawkish New Democrats and Neo-Conservatives tired of Obama’s Foreign Policy ‘weakness’.

After Nixon’s defeat for the California Governorship in 1962 and his self-pitying comment:  “you don’t have Nixon to kick around any more, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference.”[1][2] ‘


The video of his final comment in 1962:

As one can readily see Nixon needed a political re-model for the 1968 run for President.  For the facts on The New Nixon we can look to: ‘The Selling of the President 1968 is a non-fiction book written by American author Joe McGinniss and published by Trident Press in October, 1969.’ 


This book and other publications are more historically aware and accurate than Mr. Luce. Mr. Luce was born in 1968 and so has no active memory of Nixon, as some of his readers who grew up in the 1950’s and have vivid memories of Nixon the man ,the politician, not the all purpose villain as he appears in this essay. To compare Nixon to Trump is fraught with danger, both were/are bullies and cowards, not to speak of reckless with the lives of others, in their climb to the top in The American Political Melodrama. But Nixon was, and had to be, more circumspect, more concerned with the cultivation of bourgeois  political respectability, as the first order of business. Trump is utterly contemptuous of any such scruple, he is rich enough not to care for that respectability: it is part of his appeal as unwelcome truth teller in the midst of an utterly corrupt political establishment of both the Republicans and the New Democrats. Notably both Trump and Nixon are/were politically self-destructive, even when victorious: a kind of personal nihilism?   Mr. Luce knows just enough American history to make his essay plausible, but for me, as a person who grew up seeing and hearing Nixon, in his various political guises, its just too formulaic, too much the product of a conclusion, the Trump Nixon analogy, in  search of an historically viable argument. The essay is unconvincing.

Political Observer


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