On Anne-Marie Slaughter as Feminist and Hillary acolyte


My reply to @Critique


The motion that is maladroitly touched upon in your comment is that Hillary is a Feminist instead of what she shares with Trump: they are both Corporatists, political and ethical opportunists, in short Trump is a fascist with your Feminist heroine just one step behind him. Her foreign policy stance is ‘I’m tougher than any man in the room’, her AIPAC speech demonstrated, and her promise to invite the loathsome Netanyahu to the White House her first month in office.

Why else would Ms. Slaughter, a rationalizer of necessary American Imperial violence, be brought on board to sing the praises of her sister in arms, well almost, Slaughter equivocations are her stock and trade. Not to speak of her ‘pivot’ to being a newly minted Feminist, after her misbegotten, not to speak of destructive reign, as Foreign Policy Expert.

But comfort yourself with the ‘caveman’ chatter as compensatory. As a caveman I’m seriously contemplating voting for Dr. Jill Stein in November, please fell free to do the same!

Best regards,




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