Janan Ganesh’s London Spleen, a comment by Political Observer

Dub Mr. Ganesh’s commentaries London Spleen, after Baudelaire‘s posthumously published masterpiece. Mr. Ganesh’s essays are alive with Tory contempt and bile for everyone, who is not a believer in the natural ascendancy of the Tories, and of course the New Labour of Mr. Blair. But on to the business of pillorying and impugning Mr. Corbyn, the favorite sport of The Financial Times and its hirelings: we have come to bury Mr. Corbyn not to praise him!

The conviction of Mr. Corbyn has already taken place, as of the end of April with, at least by my count, 13 ‘news stories’ about Corbyn’s complicity with rampant Antisemitism in the Labour Party. I’ve summed it up in another post but it bears repeating:

The Livingstone and Naz Shah controversies offer a perfect opportunity to not just throw a bit of mud at Mr. Corbyn, but to bring him down as Labour leader.The charges of fostering the growth of Antisemitism within the Party, of associating with known Antisemites and most unforgivable of all just being on the Left.The fact of being on the Left is indicative of moral/political disorder prima facie. After all the FT invented ‘The Rebellion Against The Elites’, and would like to replace Corbyn with a more house-trained  Neo-Liberal, who can wear a proper suit and sing God Save The Queen with gusto. With the proviso that he has the charm and bonhomie of Tony Blair.

At The Financial Times : Antisemitism & Jeremy Corbyn, the manufactured crisis

More political melodrama is afoot, as the days pass we will see a mounting pressure to remove Mr. Corbyn. The machinery of impeachment is alive in the Tory Press and its political wing. There is no longer any real  question of guilt or innocence worth consideration: the avalanche of propaganda is all that it takes to bring down the miscreant and his fellow travelers. The political necromancy of Mr. Ganesh is the necessary intermediate step to political excommunication.

Political Observer


For a compelling look at the British Labour Party’s Antisemitism problem see this Intercept essay by Robert Mackey titled

Why a British Fight Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Matters to the Rest of Us


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