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Cut off the head, Corbyn, the posited enabler of Antisemites, so that New Labour’s sycophants, i.e. Blair clones of Thatcherites, can regain control of the Party. Take your cue from Strauss, and his political ally/confederate Carl Schmitt: sow the seeds of political rancor and hate, masquerading as political virtue, bound together by myth making or just plain lies. After all  Isaiah Berlin set the standards for ‘Liberalism’s probity and directness! But be chastened by the singular idea of Schmitt’s, that the world is divided between friends and enemies. In practice Mr.Berlin’s conformist sensibility made him a natural follower of Schmitt.


David Caute and Tariq Ali both provide some useful insights into the exercise of Mr. Berlin’s Liberalism, in situ.


Political Observer

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