Jacob Weisberg to Bernie: Surrender!

In sum, Jacob Weisberg argues the case for Clinton as her supporters have argued it: Bernie has lost and it is now time for him to step aside gracefully and cede to Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Weisberg extemporizes on the theme here at The Financial Times of The Rebellion Against The Elites, but in a more carefully modified, a less hysterical tone, as if he were trying to reason with a child. Call his tone patronizing, to be charitable!  I’m a voter in California and I have yet to cast my ballot, and when I do it will be for Bernie. I’m heartened to see that Sanders will persist in his Quixotic Crusade, till then, ignoring the Clinton Apologists like Mr. Weisberg, and the rest of the experts and the almost technocrats.

Is it a surprise that Mr. Weisberg uses this platform to advocate ‘Free Trade ‘ as codified in the TPP as some sort of answer to our present economic doldrums? Obama has become its champion, but Clinton has discarded her enthusiasm, Bernie bullied her into it, as Weisberg tells it. At least until after her election? Free Market Utopianism has not just failed, but crashed in a deafening thud! And what do those advocates of that failed utopianism offer now? the mirage of ‘Free Trade’ as its replacement. One Utopianism followed by another? But call the TPP  by its proper name Corporatism.

One can see more than clearly that Mrs. Clinton of not just a Hawk ,but in all but name a Neo-Conservative. With a disturbingly worshipful attitude to Netanyahu, as her speech at AIPAC made clear. If one has the enthusiastic support of both Jeffrey Goldberg and Wm. Kristol, that is proof of her – yet compared to her presumptive rival Trump, she almost appears to be rational and level headed.

Mr. Weisberg closes his essay on an almost elegiac note, that resembles more of the shopworn patronizing tone that pervades the whole of his essay:

Mr Sanders’ most significant effect will be felt over time. As the overwhelming choice of voters under 35, he points the way towards a more progressive future for the Democratic party. Millennial voters strongly prefer his European social democratic model to the centrist one represented by the Clintons. At 74, Mr Sanders will not be the one to lead his young followers into the promised land. Nonetheless, he has brought a more radical political future into view.



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