Strobe Talbott, the last of The Wasp Elite, and Old and New Cold Warrior, Opines on the Brexit

The Panic of The Elites is in answer to The Rebellion Against The Elites. That Rebellion has been a political mainstay of the Financial Times for some months, to explain the rise of a subversive Populism of both Left and Right. And the journalistic voice of American Political Orthodoxy/Conformity,  The New Your Times, has recruited Strobe Talbott to make the case for Britain staying in the EU, and its vital importance to the US, and to its readers. Mr. Talbott’s essay marks the beginning in America of the Panic,as chronicled by a coterie of Foreign Policy Experts.

This could be comic except that Mr. Talbott’s ineptitude in the Soviet economy’s transition from command to free market- it would be unfair to blame Neo-Liberal technocrat Talbott for Putin, but he shares a heavy burden of responsibility, for the immediate and long lasting effects of the ‘strong medicine’ used as an instrument of that transition, that lead to the rise of the Oligarchs and then to Putin.  Perhaps Talbott’s obsession with Putin, and the fomenting of a New Cold War, in alliance with Nuland, Pyatt, Power and Rice and other political actors deeply involved in fomenting  the Coup in Ukraine, are the order to, or as expiation for his practiced ethical/political incompetence. That is where the values of the Wasp Elite come into play. One can think of the Bundy brothers and the Alsop brothers, as exemplary of that Wasp Elite, and their mutual/synergistic   influence on American Foreign Policy: the Bundy brothers as political actors, the Alsop brothers as their  journalistic allies/advocates,  not to speak of apologists.

See Edwin S. Yoder Jr.  Joe Alsop’s Cold War:


Also see The Georgetown Set,Friends and Rivals in Cold War Washington by Gregg Herken;


In his essay Mr. Talbott sounds the alarm on the Brexit, as being partially financed by Putin, as an exercise of dangerous, unbidden political manipulation, that seeks to subvert Western hegemony, Talbott’s métier.  Yet honesty might just demand a similar scrutiny to  the NATO,US, EU and American NGO financing and helping with the Coup in Ukraine, as the same thing. An exercise in honesty that Mr. Talbott is incapable of even considering.

April 22,2016:

As Yanis Varoufakis has pointed out the EU began its political life as a cartel, that has evolved into a kind of not quite federation, with the trappings of democracy. The Greek Crisis of 2015, has demonstrated the need for a Reformation of the EU into an actual democratic institution. Mr. Talbott, like the good Neo-Liberal he is, fails to even address this central question of democratic reform, he simply repeats the Party Line or better yet the current political orthodoxy as axiomatically true.

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