Philip Stephens on the Brexiteers, a comment by Political Reporter

Never fear you are at The Financial Times. The proof is Mr. Stephens opening paragraph larded with a list of the current political cliches, of the failed utopianism, of a codified Neo-Liberalism, while pointing the finger of accusation at all the other political bad actors: The Labour Party and its new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, a  dinosaur whose revolutionary socialist ideas are relics of the 1970’s . And then comes the dismissal of the Tory Brexiteers,  emotionally awash in the watershed of the collapse of the Empire, but notice the rather mild tone used to describe them. After all Mr. Stephens doesn’t want to alienate his core readership!

Leadership of Britain’s Labour party passed last year into the hands of the dinosaurs. The fight over Britain’s place in Europe threatens David Cameron’s Conservative party with a similar fate. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, is a revolutionary socialist whose worldview calcified during the 1970s. The Tory Brexiteers who want to sunder the nation’s ties with Brussels are reaching back further to an English nationalism that imagined that nothing need change after the sun set on empire.

After a carefully massaged but complex historical description of those Brexiteers, persons, motives, real,speculated upon and or imagined, are explored without injury to his rhetorical frame. What the reader is finally presented with is the same Financial Times Party Line: The Rebellion Against The Elites. What never become a question under discussion is the utter bad judgements of The Elites over time e.g. their faith in Neo-Liberal Utopianism. The pertinent question might just be this:why wouldn’t there be a rebellion against these charlatans?

Political Reporter

My two comments to @Leftie:

StephenKMackSD 5 hours ago

@Leftie @StephenKMackSD

Thank you for your prompt and informative reply.

‘I well understand that Varoufakis has a grievance.  But his discontent should be directed at his own State’s failings and past dishonest reporting of deficits and borrowings.’

Frankly the collapse of the codified Neo-Liberal Dogmas in 2008 is the proof of its bankruptcy. From Austerity to the dismal economic present, we are confronted with the utter failure of the myth of the Self-Correcting Market.

Merkel’s handling of the Greek Crisis proved beyond doubt that the ruling construct of the Virtuous Norther Tier vs the Chiseling Southern Tier was the rhetorical ground on which was predicated the natural German dominance, economic hegemony of EU policy.

Past Greek governments colluded with Goldman Sachs to hide their true debt levels:

‘Creative accounting took priority when it came to totting up government debt.Since 1999, the Maastricht rules threaten to slap hefty fines on euro member countries that exceed the budget deficit limit of three percent of gross domestic product. Total government debt mustn’t exceed 60 percent.’


Its time for a complete reconfiguration of the EU structure, not withstanding your examples of an operative democracy! Actual democracy or exit are the real choices, although the proviso of reform would be a better approach, that Mr. Cameron might have considered. A demonstration of Cameron’s political myopia?  The Neo-Liberals are ideologically lined up for the EU, not to speak of the New Utopianism of the TPP and the TTIP. Look to President Obama as the prime apologist and advocate for another Free Market scheme wedded to Western National Security State paranoia, that defines Corporatism.



StephenKMackSD 5 hours ago

@Leftie @StephenKMackSD

Also,Perry Anderson offers some very real insights on the European question here:


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