American Jingo John McCain on ‘Our China Problem’, a comment by Political Reporter

Is there anything laced with obscene comedy than Sen. McCain’s attempt at Foreign Policy seriousness on the question of China’s ‘bulling’ of its neighbors? The Financial Times quite adroitly closed the comments section of this essay by the Senator, who sang ‘bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’: the irresponsible, even unhinged, comment of a notorious Neo-Conservative!

Americans, since the promulgation of the Monroe Doctrine of 1839, which claimed the whole of the Western Hemisphere, as its sphere of influence, have been obsessed with the notion, and the practice, of not just hemispheric, but with global political dominance. Witness the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq or the Drone War being conducted at will! Has the claim of the American Century ended? And the assertion of political dominance in the Western Hemisphere: Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua,Panama, Venezuela are just the most egregious examples of American imperialism, as the product of that Monroe Doctrine.

Sen. McCain’s voluble support of the Ukrainian Coup demonstrates that the notion of spheres of influence is a capacious, not to speak of self-serving construct. American Interests are global in nature. So Sen. McCain’s plan for the assertion of American sea power in South China Sea looks like one more – take the blundering, murderous political adventurism in Ukraine, as the paradigmatic example of the results of the assertion of American power.

Political Reporter


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