Janan Ganesh on ‘Woolly notions of ‘fairness’’, a comment by Almost Marx

This collection of cynical dismissiveness and maladroit political apologetics, as the expression of Tory defensiveness, doesn’t quite match Mr. Cameron’s indignant response to the attacks on his father, truly desperate. Compare it to Cameron’s comments on Mr. Corbyn’s lack of patriotism ,or more importantly, the lack of a competent tailor. One Nation? Its as if the the Reform Bill of 1832 and the rise of the middle class hadn’t happened. And the reference to Thomas Babington Macaulay isn’t quite right: better look to Benjamin and Sarah Disraeli’s A Year at Hartlebury and its demonization of ‘political economy’ and its political issue ‘scientific legislation’ . Add to that Disraeli’s poem Revolutionary Epik. A defense of the aristocracy as an organic development. Disraeli, the literary/political outsider , who transformed himself to the ultimate insider, might be a more realistic, pertinent model for Mr. Ganesh.

Mr. Ganesh rails at the rabble, and its politics and politicians:in Financial Times longhand, the Rebellion against the Elites. ( Perhaps the eclipse of  ‘The Elites’ can be attributed to the rise of Neo-Liberalism, and the centrality of the entrepreneur, as the indispensable economic actor? The civic actor and her/his singular duty to the cultivation of civic republican virtue was discarded, as an inconvenient encumbrance, to the rise of the fictive  homo economicus? )  Allied to his complex of conjectures  is the cultivated ignorance of :’British public life is made up of people who are steeped in the humanities, ignorant of finance and quietly scared by numbers.’ Should the reader be shocked over this attack  on the  educational tradition, that is and was foundational to the hegemony of the ‘West’? Political Economy was the product of the shared Sensibilities of Smith, Hume and Condorcet : See Emma Rothchild’s Economic Sentiments:Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the Enlightenment.


In sum Economics is a product of that humanist tradition that, in the rhetorical guise of Neo-Liberal troglodyte, Mr. Ganesh attacks with withering scorn, in defense of the political watershed of the utter collapse of that Free Market delusion.

Almost Marx



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