New class warfare in America?


Mr Williamson has given voice to what Wm. F. Buckley actually thought, of all those who weren’t him! But  Mr Williamson sounds more like a latter day Nietzsche opining about the lower orders of humanity. National Review snobbery seems a natural inherited trait of the writers at that publication.

What is sobering is that people, now, remind me of the post WWII generation who came home from War, and wanted to bury the past: like Don Draper and his new fake identity masking his roots in rural, poor America. The as if being that the depression and the fact that everyone was just a bunch working stiffs, who came from nothing, and were starting over. They were the creatures of their own creation, except now, in the wake of the utter collapse of the codified Neo-Liberal Dogmas, men like Mr Williamson, no doubt well educated and with a contempt for all those who are not him, gives voice to what Mr. Luce characterizes as:

As an exercise in condescension, Mr Williamson’s words rival the most inbred hereditary peer.

In the Depression people took care of each other, that ethos is long dead in American life, economics and politics. The rise of the  Hayek/Mises/Friedman troika has utterly destroyed the once vibrant idea and practice of  altruism, as part of the disease process of the Welfare State.

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