‘Neo-Liberal Centrist Panic’ over Trump at The Financial Times, a comment by Almost Marx

Mr. Weisberg chooses Sinclair Lewis’ ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ as the rhetorical frame for his homily against ‘the loony left’ and the ‘loony right’ which turns out to be part of the ‘Rebellion against the Elites’ series here at The Financial Times. Luce, Wolf and  hedge fund manager Bill Ackman of ‘Today,America is burning’ have carried that banner aloft. Mr. Lewis is also known for his Capitalist satire Babbitt, a political inconvenience to Mr. Weisberg’s anti-Trump polemic. And absent from this essay is the ‘loony left’ candidate Sen. Sanders. Don’t mention the Socialist tradition in American political life and one of its most celebrated/reviled political figures Eugene V. Debs.

The Panic of the Elites is on full display in this essay. Mr. Weisberg  and his political allies have reason to panic: the respectable bourgeois intellectual/political salesmen  of an overarching Neo-Liberalism, that advocated and institutionalized the financialization of the whole of Western Democratic life, collapsed in 2008. Trump, to foreshorten considerably, in the eight year of what seems like an interminable economic depression, seems to offer a solution to the dismal present. He is a Caudillo in the mold of Peron:the strong man who will ‘knock heads together’, or worse, to achieve his ends. See Joseph A. Page‘s Peron: A Biography and the brilliant fiction of Tomas Eloy Martinez in The Peron Novel.

One marvels at the American Political Class’ panic over the political consolidation of Mr. Trump, that Super Tuesday made real. And the die hard Republican Nihilists’ quandary at a political creature of their own making. Another marvel was Mitt Romney’s speech, awash in moralizing self-congratulation, that didn’t quite mask the political ambition of this paragon of Vulture Capital. One very salient question arises: where is Michael Bloomberg? The oligarch who will save us?

Almost Marx



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