Lawrence Summers on Trump, a comment by Political Reporter

This essay, from one of the captains of the Neo-Liberal Wrecking Crew, whose policy prescriptions that were turned into law: Gramm–Leach–Bliley, Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act,Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act set the stage for the economic collapse of 2008, and the political unraveling of the present, as the watershed of that collapse.

The Clintons did what Reagan could not do, accomplished under the political rubric of an ersatz ‘Progressivism’. Mr. Summers, and his employers the Clintons, are the logical precursors of Trump and his idiosyncratic American Peronism.

Rep. Paul Ryan’s wan condemnation of Trump’s racism  is a corollary to the panic at this newspaper from Luce, Rachman,Wolf: the rebellion against The Elites ? The reality of Trump’s political appeal is indeed frightening. But who does Mr. Summers quote but Niall Ferguson, on the parallel of Trump with William Jennings Byran,who appears as the specter of Left Radicalism, call this predictable: perhaps we can attribute this to an exercise in counter-factual history?  Neo-Conservative Robert Kagan follows, an admirer of Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy jingoism. Summers’ defense of the Corporate Coup of TPP as an essential part of ‘rebalancing toward Asia’ is without surprise. Too little too late is the motto of this newspaper, if not its modus vivendi.Not to speak of the retrograde defense of an utterly failed Neo-Liberalism, in its political,economic and moral iterations.

Political Reporter

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