Bagehot interviews Ian Bremmer, a comment by Political Dissident

Mr. Bremmer sells a product, if nothing else The Economist idolizes the entrepreneur:

‘Eurasia Group provides analysis and expertise about how political developments and national security dynamics move markets and shape investment environments across the globe.’

One could say that Mr. Bremmer and his business are engaged in the practice of political/economic clairvoyance, or more vulgar notions of predicting the future! I’m old enough to recall that television showman The Amazing Criswell, I’m sure there are others familiar with the man and the genre!  And that the Bagehot columnist proves that he, I’m just guessing on this point, but relying on my perception of the corporate culture of The Economist, a la Mr.Bremmer, travels in the same circles, but as a journalist ally of the technocrats. The proof, Bagehot says:’ I joined George Osborne on his recent trip to Beijing.’

But notice my surprise! that practically the first thing out of Mr. Bremmer’s mouth is about the death of Corporatist/Originalist Supreme Court Justice Scalia. One might just observer that Democracy, as practiced, is extremely unpredictable, and way too slow for the eager beavers,the planners/apologists for the TTIP: Mr Bremmer in this edited interview acts as cheerleader for this Corporate Coup, as the coming of a New Age. But recall that that was the Party Line on the New Age that Neo-Liberalism was to usher in ? Where is that promised land? Another mirage of seers like Mr. Bremmer, or was it himself? More from the Wikipedia entry:

‘Among his professional appointments, Bremmer serves on the Presidents Council of the Near East Foundation, the Leadership Council for the Concordia Summit, and the Board of Trustees of Intelligence Squared. In 2007, he was named as a ‘Young Global Leader’ of the World Economic Forum, and in 2010 founded and was appointed Chair of the Forum’s Global Agenda Council for Geopolitical Risk. In December 2015, Bremmer was knighted by the government of Italy.’

Followed by comments on ‘Key concepts’ The J Curve, State Capitalism, G-Zero,Weaponization of finance,Pivot state.

As to the why of this interview:

I’m the one who tweeted that the most influence Britain has these days is what’s written in The Economist. And I meant it. Precisely because that is soft power, it does matter and Britain is seen as much more relevant on stuff that it has done for a long time than on what the British government is coming up with these days.

It was a long and dismal read, an Economist standard, but the patient not to speak of the forebearant reader has the answer.

According to Mr. Bremmer Obama’s most important Foreign Policy accomplishment:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, I think, is the single biggest thing Obama has done in seven years on foreign policy.

A telling quote as to the political myopia of technocrat Mr. Bremmer:

The Labour Party has imploded

Corbyn is just the beginning!

Political Dissident

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