Ludovic Hunter-Tilney on the greed of Beyoncé & Jay Z, a comment by Political Observer

Where else but at The Financial Times  would a critic cite Dixiecrat Feudalist Tom Wolf and ‘America’s Mayor’ Rudy Giuliani as somehow expert in the field of music criticism, or just the leading characters in the beat down of the leading  duo in American popular music. Who dared to link Black Lives Matter with the Black Panthers as expression of anger, indeed rage at the political present, that excuses the epidemic of the murder of black folks in American! The feigned naivete expresses itself in the idea that Beyoncé and JayZ are just like Leonard Bernstein and company in Wolf’s  Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers . It reeks of political desperation as an apologetics for the intolerable.

It is politically convenient but there are better sources for the ‘politics’ of Hip Hop: Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop:’t_Stop_Won’t_Stop_%28book%29

And such artists as The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy:

Ludovic Hunter-Tilney expresses the current Party Line, here at the Financial Times, of the Revolt Against The Elites, in his own idiosyncratic, not to speak of maladroit way, as a purported critique of the money hungry duo of  Beyoncé and JayZ. I thought the raison d’êre of this publication was to construct an ongoing apologetics for the economic plunder of powerless by the economically powerful?

Political Observer



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