On the Bloomberg candidacy, a comment by Political Observer

One can almost welcome Mr. Bloomberg into the presidential race of 2016. The Republicans are a collection of Neo-Cons, Dixicrat Feudalists, Free Market Fundamentalists, that expresses a collective political nihilism. And the exhausted, indeed near desperate campaign of Mrs. Clinton. Her allies rehabilitation of the propaganda line of Obama Bros of of 2008, into Bernie Bros of the present. And her political exhumation of Albright and Steinam to shame young women for their lack of loyalty to a Sclerotic Feminism.

Consider Bloomberg’s authoritarianism:

Stop and Frisk, broken windows policing as conceived at the Mahattan Institute.The removal of Judge Shira Scheindlin from 5 year litigation that Bloomberg looked to be losing: patently obvious political manipulation of judicial system. Just one marker of his authoritarian character. Two sources:


Nearly 90 percent of the 4.4 million people the police stopped for questioning between 2004 and 2012 had done nothing wrong, according to evidence presented at a nonjury trial Scheindlin conducted last spring.’

A portion of the statement made by the court that removed Judge Shira Scheindlin:


‘A federal appeals panel in Manhattan that had abruptly removed Judge Shira A. Scheindlin from New York City’s high-profile stop-and-frisk litigation and questioned her conduct in the case issued a lengthy explanation on Wednesday, saying it had made “no findings of misconduct, actual bias or actual partiality” by the judge.

The three-judge panel’s Oct. 31 order has been the subject of pointed debate among judges, lawyers and others, and the statement on Wednesday appeared to be an effort to soften the tone of the original ruling, if not its import. The new opinion was another turn in the stop-and-frisk litigation, in which Judge Scheindlin issued a landmark decision in August imposing sweeping changes on the Police Department, including the appointment of a monitor.’

Appointment of John Micklethwait as Bloomberg’s chief executive and co-author of Right Nation, excerpted on Front LIne:


and The Fourth Revolution, see this YouTube video for an interview with its authors: (See this witty,scathing review of The Fourth Revolution, in The New York Times by

Might we see where Mr. Bloomberg will be taking his ‘campaign’ for president from his appointment of his chief executive?

Add to this Mr. Bloomberg’s support for Charter Schools:


See Sharon Higgins’ blog  titled Charter School Scandals:


Or this:


‘On that day, Duncan rattled the education policy world with news of a controversial grant of $249 million ($157 the first year) to the charter school industry. This announcement was controversial because, as The Washington Post reports, an audit by his department’s own inspector general found “that the agency has done a poor job of overseeing federal dollars sent to charter schools.”

Post reporter Lynsey Layton notes, “The agency’s inspector general issued a scathing report in 2012 that found deficiencies in how the department handled federal grants to charter schools between 2008 and 2011” – in other words, during Duncan’s watch.’

Political Observer


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2 Responses to On the Bloomberg candidacy, a comment by Political Observer

  1. Notice that at about the 47: 54 point in the interview that John Micklethwait mentions Simpson-Bowles, Entitlement Reform, Big Government as part of his self-described Liberalism and or Radical Centrist alternative to the ‘Gridlock’ of Washington.And points to Obama’s mistake in not supporting it, as a major failure of his administration. The politics of the present is called Neo-Liberalism in a ‘Center’ that has been pushed ever rightward with the help of his one time sauna partner Milton Friedman, and his epigones and apologists. Not the least of which have been the editorials at the The Economist, including Mr. Wooldrich’s Schumpeter column. Note that the Republican Party’s political nihilism since the election of 2008 barely figures in this carefully managed political conversation.

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