Patrick J. Buchanan on Rubio, on the Clintons, Sanders, Warren and the erasure of New Deal: a comment by Almost Marx

I can’t resist the temptation to comment on portions of  Mr.  Buchanan’s essay, which demonstrates his political myopia. This is quite a telling,almost witty, comment on the Clintons in Mr. Patrick J. Buchanan’s ‘Rubio the Remainderman’:

‘In the Democratic race, it is Sanders who has been getting the Trump-sized crowds, while Hillary and Bill Clinton have been playing to what look like audiences at art films in the 1950s.’

But what Mr. Buchanan utterly misses is the New Deal tradition in the following paragraph. Warren being the prime example of that wing of the Party, while Clinton is the apostate to that tradition i.e. a New Democrat.

‘Democrats would break apart along the lines of the Clinton-Sanders divide, with the neo-socialists becoming a raucous and robust anti-big bank, anti-Wall Street, soak-the-rich and share-the-wealth party.’

Mr. Buchanan’s ideological blinders are on full display: he is unable to perceive that New Deal tradition, as not just a part, but a discard of politically ambitious New Democrats, who became idiosyncratic Reaganites.

Almost Marx, with a thank you @DanielLarison

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