Martin Wolf’s second attempt at a ‘Defense of the Elites’, a comment by Almost Marx

In a Democracy there are NO outsiders! There are only political actors biding their time, awaiting political opportunity and or making one. The Elites Mr. Wolf seems so attached to is in reality an exercise in the self-exculpatory. The ascendancy of Neo-Liberalism and its crash in 2008 are the fault of the advocates /apologists for the predations of the ideas and practices of that Free Market Mythology. Mr. Wolf and The Financial Times were in that vanguard. The rise of the Populists, both Left and Right, are the issue of that collapse, no matter how vehement the denial, it has the character of the axiomatic!

This is Mr. Wolf’s second try at a ‘Defense of the Elites’ followed by an attempt to describe a series of remedies to address the excesses of Robber Capital. An act of political desperation? A maladroitly exercised mea culpa? One has long since lost patience with Mr. Wolf’s explanations, for the current crisis of ‘The Elites’, who have fallen into disrepute by the record of their actions toward their fellow citizens. Its elementary civics!

Almost Marx

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Rootless cosmopolitan,down at heels intellectual;would be writer. 'Polemic is a discourse of conflict, whose effect depends on a delicate balance between the requirements of truth and the enticements of anger, the duty to argue and the zest to inflame. Its rhetoric allows, even enforces, a certain figurative licence. Like epitaphs in Johnson’s adage, it is not under oath.'
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