The Political Why of Bloomberg, The Financial Times & Courtney Weaver provide a non-answer

Courtney Weaver’s essay never strays far from the confines of bourgeois political respectability, with her choice of ‘experts’, whose pallid political observations provide a counter point to her own pedestrian historical observations/speculations.

The elephant in the room: The Republican Party has devolved, over the past eight years, into a Fascist Party, with its own strutting Caudillo, in Donald Trump, with the rest scurrying behind in a kind of caricature of partisan squabbling! Richard Lugar was the last of the Conservatives who had an allegiance to the idea and practice of governance: he was forced out!  Perhaps what Bloomberg is attempting, trying is to give what ever is left of the Eisenhower Republican wing an actual choice! Not too terribly difficult to figure out, if you focus on identifying the glaringly obvious problem, and stop trying to be historically sophisticated and newsy.

Now, Bloomberg is problematical is his support for the Manhattan Institute’s  ‘Broken Windows Policing’ and the utterly dubious ‘Stop and Frisk’, not to speak of his enthusiastic support for the national swindle of Charter Schools . But he might offer the front runners in both Parties a telling object lesson.  Or perhaps Trump & Co., who see collectively, the Republican Party as made up of Neo-Confederate Originalists, zealous Neo-Conservatives, and ubiquitous Theocrats in waiting- Bloomberg might just be the predictor of losing in 2016. Has the time come for a bit of political moderation, or have Trump and his allies no sense of political self-preservation?

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