The American Political Melodrama: Luce on Bloomberg, a comment by Political Observer

As usual Mr. Luce is a nervous nelly, this time about our friend Mayor Bloomberg entering the presidential race! Who can forget hiz honor’s leadership in so many areas: well, you know, he managed to get Judge Shira A. Scheindlin removed  from the Stop and Frisk case, as reported here in The New York Times. (One might just note, for no good reason, except that hiz honor might very well have lost that case, but putting the fix in with the three judge panel, made the political road a whole lot easier!)

‘A federal appeals panel in Manhattan that had abruptly removed Judge Shira A. Scheindlin from New York City’s high-profile stop-and-frisk litigation and questioned her conduct in the case issued a lengthy explanation on Wednesday, saying it had made “no findings of misconduct, actual bias or actual partiality” by the judge.

The three-judge panel’s Oct. 31 order has been the subject of pointed debate among judges, lawyers and others, and the statement on Wednesday appeared to be an effort to soften the tone of the original ruling, if not its import. The new opinion was another turn in the stop-and-frisk litigation, in which Judge Scheindlin issued a landmark decision in August imposing sweeping changes on the Police Department, including the appointment of a monitor.’

‘saying it had made “no findings of misconduct, actual bias or actual partiality” by the judge.’ I  think that this comment is demonstrative of self-exculpatory chatter that is a specialty of American Jurisprudence.

On hiz honors’ enthusiastic support for Charter Schools, some examples of are in order:

Just one example from Diane Ravitch:

Nominee for Best Charter School Scandal of the Year

An example of the ‘success’ in NYC, an interview with wunderkind Joel Klein in US News, title and subtitle is key,

Regaining Control of Public Education
Former New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein explains what others could learn from the Big Apple’s success.:

Or just read Sharon Higgins’ indispensable blog, for the latest scandals as related to Charter Schools :

This is just two examples of the Bloomberg Magic Touch for Leadership! But picture this: could we expect hiz honor to do some arm-twisting once he is elected? The picture of Roberts, Alito, Scalia ,Thomas or even Kennedy getting the ‘Bloomberg Treatment’ has a kind of crude appeal.

Mr. Luce, there is no telling how long Bloomberg’s fascination with this scheme will last! Recall the title of Robert Evan’s autobiography ‘The Kid Stays in The Picture’?

Political Observer


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