At The Economist: Shadow Cabinet reshuffle as pretext for Episode XXXI of the Jeremy Corbyn Melodrama

The Corbyn Political Melodrama continues here at The Economist. The fact that the British political landscape is changing, in such a drastic fashion, i.e. the end of ascendant  Thatcherism? especially in the seeming end of New Labour, or a crippling political clevedge, or the re-birth of the Labour Party, before Tony Blair, as potential outcomes.
The political discontent that gave birth to the Corbyn phenomenon was the collapse of the Neo-Liberal dogmas of Thatcher’s interpretation of Hayek, in his Road to Serfdom, which was simply a belief in the practice of an unbridled Robber Capital, to put it in vulgar terms.
What followed the collapse of 2008 was Austerity and then the bleak economic slog of the present.
All of this much too much for the writers here at The Economist, to suffer gladly, but an opportunity to decry, at full rhetorical volume, the twin dangers of ‘Populism’ both ‘Left and ‘Right’ and to make the focus of its animus Mr. Corbyn, a notorious left wing backbencher.  The Shadow Cabinet reshuffle being the pretext for more of the same. The fight over Trident holds the possibility to end the closely held political notion of Britain as a significant world power, or as just an echo of American power,  perhaps too much for both citizens and writers at The Economist to face?

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